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Gina speaks and works internationally providing educational programs for women leaders and entrepreneurs. She acts as a discreet mentor to high profile women leaders and offers residential transformational retreats and bespoke programs.

The wisdom and skills she developed as an international best-selling author, TV expert commentator and founder of an award-winning PR and Marketing agency assist in giving Gina a well-rounded and leading edge in the promotion of feminine leadership throughout the world.

Gina’s work includes developing women’s circles and networks as a transformational catalyst. She has been honored for her pioneering work in creating change and personal development movements. She is currently distilling her insights in feminine leadership into her forthcoming book: The Rise of the Feminine: how business and society can ride the coming wave. Gina is also collating data and research for her next book: The New Masculine as she is passionate about gender work that brings men and women together and honors their separate and different contributions.

Gina uses a blend of practical business acumen and insights from working with thousands of women and from decades exploring ancient wisdom and spiritual practice. She is a Founder & Wisdom Council Member of the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe and an International Board Member of Leading Women of Africa.

She travels extensively and has office bases in Yorkshire, London, San Francisco and Sydney.

The Rise of the Feminine

About the Show

A wave of change is happening in our world now. A new feminine way of leadership is emerging. Yet, this is not about women taking over ... this rise of the feminine is helping men too. Join host Gina Lazenby, award-winning business woman, best-selling author and speaker on feminine wisdom – as she reports on the rise of the feminine — with inspiring stories of women who are coming into their own and finding their unique purpose.

Tune in and join this conversation in The Rise of the Feminine, each Monday at 9 AM Pacific Time on the Voice America Variety channel.

There are huge shifts happening globally that not only involve the rise of women but also the rise of feminine values in men and, in women, which are re-shaping our collective future.

We discover more and more women coming into their own, finding their unique purpose. In this surge for equality, some men may fear they will be displaced, but in reality, we’ll see how this is a movement that is more about a shared vision for a re-balancing of the planet. It’s not about women taking over but women standing alongside men in their rightful place.

The question for many male leaders is how to integrate this new female power in organizations and fully understand that the shifts happening in their businesses, and politics are an embracing of new feminine values that will not only help them to adapt but also to thrive. This is a space where we can explore and bring together the conversations about what is emerging around the world as we witness shifts in power.


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